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Throwback: Autism-Inclusive "Lupang Hinirang"

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Vell's notes:

"After my little time at NSSH, it's about time to get challenged since the venue is so hard to find and very unfamiliar in my map. Asking a jeepney driver for directions and got myself to be a fast thinker and got to be early for it. Meeting with other PWAs, I got to get my hair fixed and my dress prepared well. When is about my time, I got myself to have my parts well performed. Got my sediments from my album in FB here:

in a Filipiniana attire and in a cute backdrop :D

taping my parts with confidence inspite of mistakes ... I was given chances to perfect the whole 3 parts :D


After my take, I talked to Maam Gina Bermudo about our future collaboration. After that, I got to talk to one of the participants named Miko whom I've asked him for a mobile number and gave him mine as well. Me and him left the building with a goodbyes. Me myself got to indulge for a taxi ride to Taguig by accident. I have to pay a $10 (Php 120.00) for the whole trip from Evangelista to Taguig (Market Market) in which I was so adorned with such sales for shoes to a cheap longsleeved top. I also got to have my early dinner before leaving the mall. I got lost but the least, I got 2 jeep rides to my home and I went home safe at last"


For the 2015 Angels Walk for Autism, the trustees and volunteers took on the challenge of innovating on an event "standard". ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe directed the green-screen filming and the post-prod. The parents and the individuals with autism who shared their Sunday morning were a big part of our success -- thank you to Mikhail Dangcal, Chasina Dangcal, Gio Danniel Koe, Sean Espinili, Kenrick Albert Cheng, Michael Almendrala, Nicholas Bermundo, Adrian Carlo Adviento, Andrea Alviso, Jose Rey Angelo So, Christian Taclendu, Patrick Louie So, Rodrigo Luis Recto, Neil Iversen Pajaron, Ezra Buzcano, Michael Victor Ramos, Vell Baria, Franco Cagayat and Thara Marie Santiago and Vell Baria.

And what do you get when you mix a room full of kids with autism and a production team keen on making a brave new rendition of "Lupang Hinirang"? Something EPIC.

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