Huwebes, Hunyo 29, 2017

Cover Files: Aida Garifullina Tribute

Good day! This will be my first "tribute artist" recording of the year since I've been planned to do it for how many times.. I have recorded two good songs from the Russian soprano Aida Garifullina who provided vocals of "Bell Song" for the recent movie "Florence Jenkins" movie where the legendary actress (a trained operatic singer) Meryl Streep portrayed the title role who is a socialite, a pianist and a singer who tried her luck in singing on key especially singing high notes without being too hard!

Going back to the cover tribute, I've listened to two of her songs; "Forte" (written by Walter Afanasieff) and Ptica Belaja (White Bird) (Written by Igor Krutoy) and did a deep internalization on both songs as if I'm singing much like Judy Garland infront of many people while listening and singing it if it's fully sure on the notes.

This time, I'll share my audio video cover of those two lovely songs and it's insights on both songs and why do I love these songs.. :)

Click on those links below:

Аида Гарифуллина - Птица Белая / Aida Garifullina - Ptica Belaja (Cover by Vell Baria)

I felt in love singing this Russian song because of it's melody and the song's structure. This song reminds me of a lover who has committed to see her love outside her grand mansion where her father is very hesitant and reluctant to her lover who travels from outside world. In the end, she is the white bird that losts her love and has ended up suffering the worst tragedy of her life (based on my understanding of the song's musical structure).

Vell Baria - Forte (Aida Garifullina cover) (AUDIO)

"Forte" is sung in Italian in which was a must for classical singers like me! I came to sing this song with much conviction after I imagined myself singing with a grand orchestra while listening to Aida's recording of this great lovely song in which it has much of a "Con te Partiro" kind of moment because of it's drum beat! However this song talks about unconditional love.

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