Huwebes, Hunyo 29, 2017

Happy International Women's Day! (ARCHIVED)

From women's suffrage for their rights of voting and workforce to producing female world leaders to military workplace, I have nothing more to say that women are more liberated and active with their way of improving the world by storm. We women are the force of nature in changing the world's direction to rightful paths that will propagate in the coming years. Isn't it so beautiful to hear it my sisterhood?!!

As a woman myself, I embrace things that I didn't taste as a young girl. Like embracing my body image, positive energy that comes within my system and the freedom of getting to know myself better with adventurous challenges. However I may be growing older as I aged, I kept my mantra in mind much like what I've watched in a Spongebob Squarepants episode where Mrs. Puff (she's also a woman herself) said this mantra to Spongebob - "Eyes on the road, there is nothing but the road" where I found it very interesting that there is nothing but the road of destiny. A destiny that keeps us updated on what's happening to our surroundings and in our living, even a mother will tell you that in her ways of speaking by her heart or a grandmother speaks to you about the waves of history about their lives as a young woman or a Catholic nun from a monastery will show you the kind of love that God has given us as a woman.

What about women in the society, what do we observe? what do we see? what is new? what it best? what is worst? what improvements we should give out of worst scenarios? There are no wrong answers! It's our own opinions, we cannot control their minds to answer those questions. In my opinion, I observe the optimistic charms of women in the society as I saw many women who are in many walks of life. What's new is we are free in doing things we want to do especially travelling the world, meeting new people and most of all personalizing our simple way of living-in other words, practicality. However, what is best for it was we already gained the blessing we wished to have for how many years. You know what it is my sisters? Name your favors-that's our right to lead the world to a better place. On the flip side, some of women experience worst situations like health issues to relationship issues. To solve that, to make them moved on from those worst scenarios is to ponder themselves by doing happy things that made them forget those problems especially that stressed themselves out.

Leading the world with a happy tune is their way of contributing! What about that? I admired tons of women who are into leadership careers especially in the political career. If you asked me whom I admire? Well I have plenty of 'em~ I'll name one that everyone is familiar - Miss Piggy (not kidding here) ... for being feminine and talented to make people laugh and inspired with her divalicious acts, even if she's just a puppet, she's there to make me happy every time I hear her singing and does her sketch comedy especially to Kermit the Frog (her prince in disguise) ... However, so much for that ..

To end my long statement, Remember that every woman is attractive regardless of their body image, appearance and they're way of handling their confidence! Also, women are the future of change ... yes, you've heard it right! future of change .. so guys, you are obliged to treat us women with respect as we faithfully respect you!

Again, Happy International Women's Day my sisters!

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