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Inreach PWD Acknowledgement [ARCHIVED]


December 16 is the birthday of my beloved Grandma.. Then the day I gave a talk about my struggles and success as a person with autism including my back to back wins in 2014 and this year.. I also gave two songs of relevance to PWDs (Mary, Did You Know and Flashlight) to complete the line up. Inspired by my previous talk in 30minutes for Ashes to Beauty in 2015, I came to give a sequel on that as well by including two Bible verses related to a PWD's life and optimism.

Thank you Alyssa Mercado and ICBM for inviting me for your short but memorable PWD gathering and to Sir Sanchez (NCDA) for also listening and welcoming my share especially doing my solo concert in the future if this will be pursued. Also to the sign language choir who showcased their sign language talent. To ICBM president Christian... You're extremely humble and accommodating and very clever with a heart.. Keep on doing your role and be an inspiration to PWDs around the campus.

I also thank the ICBM girls who helped me providing the transport back and fort.

This talk helped me not only to transition myself as a community achiever but also a transition to become a consultant to PWDs in musical etiquettes and socialization (soon to be) in my country. I hope to give a speech to the United Nations Congress as a way of promoting special needs awareness and acceptance and to educate people who are very hesitant to us PWDs by doing this. I also wish to continue giving talks and workshops locally and abroad.

I also dreamed to be called a community achiever not only for being a performer but because I was seen by many people who witnessed the inner diplomat in me especially in the PWD leading the community with what I stand for and what I wanted the community's outcome would be with my optimistic skills and positive principles.

Again, thank you to those PWD audience who not only listens to my words of knowledge but also nurtured them with passion and commitment.

– sgd. Vell Baria
Performer (Singer-Recording Artiste-Songwriter, Actress), Plus size Model, Voice Pedagogue, and Self Advocate for Autism Awareness and soon to be a diplomat.

Date written: December 20, 2016

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