Huwebes, Hunyo 29, 2017

My ANCA Ambassadress Speech! [ARCHIVED]


I may be too late to post this but it's not too late to share how happy and nervous I am.

I am happy because I already fulfilled my dream to be one of the ambassadors and my main tactic here is to act like a president who is always there to support.

I'm nervous because we cannot afford the expenses on going to regional countries in which I was so interested with in which I will give concerts as part of my ambassadorial commitments. Hoping for a sponsor to be financially assisted in the coming regional and the generalized autism fest as well.

Of course to fulfill my dream in becoming a radio DJ for an autism related show where songs are about autism and special needs in general.

Speaking of international trips, I was motivated to take up Diplomacy as my second course minor in voice I which I was inspired to be the first autistic politician (or Member of Parliament / senator-congresswoman in the future) in my country as I also follow the footsteps of my favourite politicians.

To ANCA family, you're the real reason why I molded into an independent yet loving person. But will learn more..until I get it. Again, thank you for trusting me and my effort as well.

- Vell

Date Written: October 17, 2016

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